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Marcoz,                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Count me in. Your mic I did at Bar 9 was, BAR NONE, my best open mic experience in town last year. I'm not flattering you to get a spot, but I am flattering you to get a spot if there are spots open.                                                                                                               Thanks for organizing either way!!                                                                                                                                                              Kaitlin Campbell - Comedian/Writer

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Marcoz Rioz is an independant Artist.  Based in NYC/NJ United States.  A very hard-working versatile musician fluent in piano, bass, guitar, drums, turntables, and overall music production.  Well read writer working in multiple forms of literature from novels to screenplays to , of course, song writing and poetry.  Veteran of the Underground Music scene.  Playing guitar and song writing in a small short-lived rock band called The Gudz : members Kenny Jones, Tom Sullivan, Micheal Groner, and Christos Delagalis.  He later formed a Underground Super Group if you will. Marcoz Rioz and Tom Sullivan joined forces with Nolan Woods and Jon Sweeney to form The Dead Aesthetic.  A Hardcore/Metal band with alot of potential ,  but was also a short-lived project.  Frank Novak aka Frank Nice aka Hawk Nyce aka Lurch Lightning is not only a personal friend , but one of the most talented underground producers in the Tri-State area.  It's here where he learned the fundamentals of sampling, recording, and producing in the realm of hip-hop.  With the likes of Paul Berkey, Frank Novak, and Marcoz Rioz formed The As/Is Crew.  Later Marcoz Rioz also grew a passion for broadcasting/communications.  Working with a prestigious Internet Radio Broadcasting Company-turned Podcast Hub known as   

An original artist with a growing number of Quality Tracks and a Supportive Fan base that spreads All over the the United States and World-Wide.  Currently affiliated with the international Hugo The Boss Promotion.  Some of his most current original work is featured on Lollipop Girls Mixtape #2 (circa 2016) published by Cradle Records via Baltimore, Maryland.

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